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Welcome to eDEZ which helps small businesses promote themselves on the internet. At eDEZ you will find opportunity to promote your business locally and nationally under the following internet brands;

eDEZ Brand Website  
KIDS-PARTY.COM www.kids-party.com Published
Party-Kids www.party-kids.co.uk Published
Dr-Party www.dr-party.com 8/2000
Find a Gardener www.find-a-gardener.com 9/2000
Smile for the birdy www.smileforthebirdy.com 9/2000
Camera-Man www.camera-man.co.uk 11/2000
Day-Trippers www.day-trippers.com 1/2001
The Ferrari Internet Club www.ferrari.org.uk Published
The Jaguar Network www.jaguar.uk.net Lease
The Jaguar F1 Internet Club www.jaguar-f1.org.uk Lease
Babble Talk WAP www.bt-wap.com Lease

The above indicates which sites are currently or due to be published, those sites marked Lease are available for our, Lease-redirect or Lease-Host service.

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Your business listing on any eDEZ site is FREE just complete the details below and submit the form, your details will appear within four weeks.

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Optional promotional services
Website and email hyperlink £ 10 per year
If you have your own website, we will create a hyperlink from your free eDEZ entry directly to your website. The annual cost covers maintenance and any changes
Your website page
email address to link
To pay for this service send a cheque for £10 payable to 'Links' eDEZ at 18 Spencer Avenue, Coventry, CV5 6NP, UK. Write your name, address and website address on the back of the cheque, links will not be created until payment is received
Your own website from £45

If you do not have a website, let eDEZ build one for you! A professionally designed and hosted website with an eDEZ name (URL) up to 5 pages, 20 images and unique graphics. Furthermore, enquiry forms and all the text you need. We also include two free banner adverts and 12 months banner advert space!

There are two payment options

Option 1

Initial payment of £150, followed by annual payments of £90

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Option 2

Initial payment of £45, followed by monthly payments of £ 9.95

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Note: prices include full service and support, all changes, picture changes and initial and regular submission to the key search engines
Advertise with eDEZ from £15

If you have a eDEZ website your advertising is free, but if you have your own site you can purchase banner advert space, prices range from £15 up to £100 for a three month period

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Your own banner adverts from £40

eDEZ can design and build all your advertising banners. Fully animated banners start at only £40 for the smallest to £75 for the largest.

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Lease an eDEZ brand including website and email addresses! Minimum contract 12 months the Lease-ReDirect package will ensure that for the contract period all website and email requests will be re-directed to your chosen webpage and email accounts. Cost £140 pa for a single year contract falling to £100 pa for a two year contract.

Send me details of your Lease-ReDirect service


Lease an eDEZ brand as with the Lease-ReDirect package but in addition eDEZ will host your website as well! The eDEZ Lease-Host must be used in conjunction with eDEZ website design and hosting. Lease-Host includes all the features of the eDEZ website design and hosting service as well as the eDEZ Brand leasing. Cost £250 pa for a single year contract falling to £200 pa for a two year contract.

Send me details of your Lease-Host service


All information submitted to eDEZ is held in strictest confidence. eDEZ warrants that except that information that is published on any eDEZ site from time to time, eDEZ does not sell, exchange, rent any information that is submitted. eDEZ reserves the right to amend and withdraw any entry, listing, advert or otherwise if it feels that the content is misleading or unsuitable to those that use eDEZ sites.

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